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18 yo Busty Glory - Ep. 1 Hot Shag

by Juggs


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18 yo Busty Glory - Ep. 1 Hot Shag

180° 60 FPS
Studio: Juggs
Starring: Sophia Traxler
Jul 9, 2019
Positions: staying
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@SayNoToUserNames I dunno... I think the porn industry has perhaps over-emphasized female enthusiasm to ridiculous levels. This may be an extreme "low energy" version, but sex doesn't have to have multiple female orgasms and constant references to how big your dick is and how good it feels for it to be enjoyable. In legal brothels like Germany's Pascha, [predominantly Eastern European] women screw up to 30 guys a day... I can't imagine that "guy #27, from last Tuesday the 16th" received more enthusiasm from his 20 minute rental than Sophia put out in this vid, nor do I think he left feeling ripped off.
heisenberg412 (21.07.2019)
@thewickedking I don't know you'd even bother shootimg her tbh mate. Yeah she's hot, but her attitude stinks and she thinks this is all beneath her (but will still do it for the dollar). The porn industry should turn their back to her and no one book her. It would raise standards as a whole, anyone else who half-asses their job as much as this chick just did would get fired.
SayNoToUserNames (20.07.2019)
By the way.. I just remembered there is also a light and funny back story to this "cursed" shooting: we were out for breakfast near the apartment we had rented for the production, and while walking back we passed a tram stop, where I notice this really hot redhead girl looking at her phone.. I tell my buddy "look at her! fucking hot! maybe I should stop and ask her if she wants to do porn.." and we go on a few meters until I start wondering.. "wait.. that actually must be Sophia?!" and so we look back and we see her walking towards us.. so yes, it was actually her! :D
Babygirl (19.07.2019)
No, it's really not wrong, Walter.. that's exactly why I decided to shoot her anyway! I really don't mind her attitude, I actually enjoyed shooting her and if I had known I would have totally prepared something in the lines of all your great suggestions. It's really a fucking shame she quit.. :-/
Babygirl (19.07.2019)
Goddamn, this girl is just too damned beautiful to let slip away! There's got to be a way to use her porn reluctance to still make the scenes work... Perhaps something along the lines of you being the boss and her your underling, and you catch her stealing. You give her the choice to either let you fuck her, or she gets fired. Yes, those scenes have been done before, but never with the appearance of true reluctance from the woman, which would make it much more realistic. Other options to turn her reluctance into a "plus"? Her boyfriend/brother/father/etc has a gambling problem and her reluctantly fucking the bookie is the only way to wipe the debt clean... she cheats on a college exam and gets caught, and is forced to fuck her way out of trouble, either by the professor, (done to death, IMO) or perhaps by the "loser" guy she copied off of during the test... smart enough to ace the exam is smart enough to figure out what she was doing (and how to use it against her!)... Forced to fuck an asshole cop to get out of a drug possession arrest... I dunno, I just want to see her in more scenes; is that wrong?!
heisenberg412 (17.07.2019)
Thank you for your answer! I agree that it is best for her to stop then. I was surprised to see her after the Legalporno stuff where it was really obvious she didn't like it.
VRBonz (11.07.2019)
I think it's simply because she doesn't particularly enjoy doing porn, and therefore she really has a reputation in the porn scene for having this kind of attitude (except maybe in few exceptions).. this shouild be the last porn you'll ever see of her, she decided to stop and did this last job for us. Obviously I hoped she would have a more enthusiastic mood, her attitude was definitely a bummer, but because I agree on the fact that she is cute and hot as hell, I thought it was still worth doing. It's really a shame (for the fans) that her career ends here (unless there will be a comeback, which is always possible, I guess.. but for her own sake we shouldn't hope for it) and she won't ever give us the best of herself and show her full potential :-/
Babygirl (11.07.2019)
My god, what happened to her? She smiled a lot in her first videos and now she seems dead inside. What a bummer, she was very cute and hot as hell...
VRBonz (09.07.2019)
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